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Our Vision

Connecting luxury brands with aspirant Sub-Saharan African Consumers through imaginative and impactful communication solutions, designed to realize our clients’ strategic brand vision.

Velvet Luxe defines luxury as a discerning perception of consistent elegance, authenticity, humility and style.

Our Mission

We deliver sustainable value to our key stakeholders through Service Excellence and Brand Building. We go further to be the strategic partner-of-choice, with a unique understanding of the luxury sector.

Our goal is to create campaigns for luxury brands by implementing bespoke and innovative services. These services include:

We provide a sustainable, competitive advantage to our clients through the following measures:

Driving market share growth
Building on luxury perceptions of the brand
Personalising our service
Offering a holistic and integrated approach to brand engagement
Offering tailored solutions, backed by analytics (ROI measurements, client surveys, trading insights and more)

Our Values

Our values are the soul of our organization. They form who we are, and dictate the kind of behaviour we exhibit to the world. Our values stem from our culture and support our purpose; steering us in the direction we want to go.

We leverage our brand building expertise and reputation within the luxury segment
We seek value for our partners
We build long-term sustainable relationships
We embrace excellence, agility and progressive ideas
We are entrepreneurs, with a compulsion for winning and challenging the norm
Our people are luxury specialists who are results orientated, creative brand builders
We value going beyond what is expected
We value a culture of diversity and accountability
We operate with integrity
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