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Velvet Luxe stands out as a strategic communications agency as a result of our core focus on better understanding and servicing the unique needs of the luxury sector through imaginative and impactful communication solutions.

It takes uniqueness and an absolute admiration of luxury brands in order to develop and deliver exceptional communication solutions that maintain a high level of brand equity. When developing and delivering campaigns, we not only do so with high ROI in mind, but we act as custodians of the businesses and brands we serve.

A key differentiator is our distinctive and extensive experience in providing communication services for luxury brands; we know and understand the luxury market and landscape, having worked with some of the most well respective luxury brands in the world.

This depth of understanding is translated through our core vision of distinctive elegance, authenticity, humility and style, and that is then delivered through bespoke, integrated and multi-channel communication solutions, all of which are strategically aligned for our clients.

Our strategic insight, client and brand awareness, campaign planning, implementation and management are as unique as each of our clients and brands which we service.

We drive original thinking, personalised solutions and produce compelling results which gives our clients continued confidence in us.

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